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Mommy and Baby at Beach

Honoring our Mothers.

As a Doula, I am your unbiased best friend. I want to support YOUR birth plan and YOUR postpartum needs. I am there to support you physically and mentally. My only goal is to create an environment that is free of judgement and full of support, empathy and compassion. 



Hello, I am Alexis. A doula and birth educator.

My passion for helping mothers during their most vulnerable yet beautiful time comes from personal experience. After my second birth was filled with empowerment and strength I knew I wanted to share this feeling with every mother to be. I became a doula in 2022. I believe if I can pass on the love, support and comfort that I felt during my pregnancy and after, to just a few mothers, I know I'll have left a beautiful legacy in our world. 

Doula Services

I offer an array of doula service, each bit unique from the next. I am here to serve you during one of the most memorable times of your life. 

I encourage each potential family to meet with me for a free consultation prior to purchasing a doula or postpartum package. You deserve to connect with your doula and this consultation will ensure that.

Pregnancy/Birth Support

Virtual Doula Support- Postpartum

Postpartum Support

Birth Education

Mothers Kit

Mothers Kit

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